Markets & Applications

Market Applications
Hyd Air was conceptualised to disrupt the hydraulics and fluid connections industry for providing international-standard products and system setups. Today, with leading government and private divisions from varied industries as clients, Hyd Air is the leader in the supply of fittings, valves and various other fluid connectors for heavy Industries in the Country.
Applications & Industries

Applications & Industries

Defence Projects
Hydraulic tensioning systems including studs, valves, nuts, piping instruments for missile launch systems, defense programs, space satellite instruments, etc.
Heavy Earthmoving
Heavy machinery and drilling instruments made of high quality stainless steel - pipes, valves and DIN and Double ferrule fittings with no damage to the tube walls
Steel Plants
Hydraulic nuts, cylinders and braking systems adept for heat-resistant hydraulics fluid systems - best for iron-ore processes and mineral injection systems
Major suppliers of Double Ferrule and tubes brakes piping systems - DIN Fittings, Compression fittings and adaptors of all sizes, made of best quality stainless steel.
Industrial Systems
Increase in the life of piping systems using leak-proof, corrosion & vibration resistant Fluid Controls, flanges and valves.
Commercial Uses
Corrosion resistant and IEC standard steel valves, flanges and piping systems for a fit and forget policy - easy to maintain and long life guaranteed
Markets & Applications