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Weld Nipple Fittings

Product Code Hydraulic Fitting


Weld Nipple Fittings is as per DIN 3865 OR ISO 8434-4 Std. Body and Nut same as DIN 2353.

Size 6 mm OD to 42 mm OD, 1/8” OD to 2” OD and ¼” NB to 2” NB.

Working Pressure ranging from 100 Bar to 600 Bar depending upon size

This fitting mainly consist of 3 parts, Body, nipple (with O ring) and Nut. Body & Nut confirms to DIN 2353 OR ISO 8434-1 dimension and pressure rating. Weld Nipple confirms to ISO 8434-4 std.  Material Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.

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